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Azure DevOps provides basically two types of agents: Microsoft-Hosted agents and Self-Hosted agents. Microsoft-Hosted agents Microsoft-Hosted agents are completely managed by Microsoft in the cloud, can be based on Windows, Ubuntu or macOS. For each OS, a set of software in included in the VM image used to spin up a new VM when a new job need to be executed (more details here). The main advantage in using Microsoft-Hosted agents is that most of the time provide everything you need to build and deploy your solution without the need to set up, configure and maintain the OS and software packages required.
In this post I am pouring the experience gained in recent years designing and developing various projects. I have covered this topic as a speaker in a Microsoft internal event called DevDays and I would like to share with you the same findings. When we talk about authentication and authorization, it’s easy to get confused. In order to apply a good security approach, it’s very important to understand what is under the hood of a simple login screen with two textboxes asking for username and password.

A new beginning

Hi all! Welcome in the fourth version of my blog. I have developed the first version almost 15 years ago moving my first steps into web development in PHP. After few years I moved to ASP.NET because along with my professional skills I have improved my knowledge of .NET Framework, so using ASP.NET was the natural result of this path. Then, after additional few years, web has become more complex, with an increasing number of features required to be developed to move with the times (RSS feed, analytics integration, comment platform integration, and so on), so I started using a CMS, choosing Orchard CMS (simply because it was looking a promising project and was developed in .